Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Honor of the Announcement of the Lambda Award Finalists, I Want to Offer Links to My Posts about Each Author's Book, as I Reviewed Them All Here

Congratulations, you guys!

Here are the finalists:

Tom Healy for "What the Right Hand Knows" (Four Way Books):

"Ungenerous Depression and Tom Healy's New Book of Poems "What the Right Hand Knows."

"A Sequel to Sunday's Commentary about Tom Healy's Book "What the Right Hand Knows."

Brent Goodman for "The Brother Swimming Beneath Me" (Black Lawrence Press):

"On Brent Goodman's Poem 'First Queer Poem' in His Collection 'The Brother Swimming Beneath Me'"

Charles Jensen for "First Risk" (Lethe Press):

"On the Political Power of Instability and Charles Jensen's 'I Am the Boy Tied Down.'

Randall Mann for "Breakfast with Thom Gunn" (University of Chicago Press):

"Breakfast with Thom Gunn"

"On Gay Poet Randall Mann's Poem 'Monday.'

Benjamin S. Grossberg for "Sweet Core Orchard" (Tampa University Press):

"On Benjamin S. Grossberg's Poem 'Blue-Black" from His New Collection 'Sweet Core Orchard'"

"On the Political Viability of Bareback Sex and Benjamin S. Grossberg's Poem 'Beetle Orgy.'"


  1. No one is as honest, engaged, fierce, astute or as bluntly eloquent as you, Steve. Thank you for your passion and intelligence. And thanks for bringing my book -- and all these others -- to the attention of the readers we hope for and need. xoxoxo